Pictures from the video shoot for my three-part series on learning to trade sponsored by the CME


What an amazing experience! 

Last week, we shot a three-part video series on learning to trade sponsored by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  I read my script from a teleprompter, was filmed on two cameras while wearing makeup.  The entire video was taped in a studio in front of an infinity wall.  For a young guy from Indianapolis, this was pretty heady stuff.


The three videos cover:

Part One: Getting started – My theory of trading and three setups I like

Part Two: Developing your trading plan

Part Three: The why and how of using a trading simulator


 jq_shoot_-_interview.jpgThe CME contracted 7th Wave Communications, a world-renowned video production company, to produce the videos.  Thanks to the CME’s desire to produce a series of videos with the highest production values and Seventh Wave’s expertise, the three videos will very likely be the most professional futures training videos made to date.


For me, this was the experience of a lifetime.  Thanks to Brain Burkhart and John Timmerman from 7th Wave and John Conolly, Paul Hayward, Bob Guardi and Liam Smith from the CME, along with my partner and wife, Toni, we have created something special that will set a new standard for professionalism in trader training.  I am proud to have been part of it.

The videos are set to be released in late March or early April.

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3 Responses to “Pictures from the video shoot for my three-part series on learning to trade sponsored by the CME”

  • evyb:

    Can hardly wait to see your videos….am very excited for you. Evelyn Barringer

  • gregorfx:

    Fantastic! I am happy you enjoyed it.

  • admin:

    Great Pics
    Cant wait to see the videos
    my best regards to you and Toni Ted

    I kind of recognize the picture of my next door neighbor, fellow Lion, good friend, with a beautiful blond chickie about HALF his age, but the stuff about “World Class, etc., etc.,—I think he must have a GOOD SCRIPT WRITER!!!
    Let me know when I can see the Videos!!! Fred

    Great stuff… looks like you guys had fun in a very professional environment. I showed the pics to Adam and he was of course jealous of the studio! Thanks, kc

    Wow Jeff! Absolutely fantastic! Looks very pro.. congratulations.
    Let me know when the video is available. James

    You are the man!
    When do we get to see the videos?

    Oh my gosh, daddio! That is so cool! You look like a million bucks! (so does Mom!) It looks like that was a great experience. I can’t wait till the videos come out!!! Ashley

    Attitude, presentation and timing! You have got it all! Perry & Barbara

    very exciting…. i can’t wait to hear the video Bob

    Those were really cool photos of what looks like a very
    good experience for you and Toni…
    All The Best

    How cool
    congrats John

    Jeff – Very nice. Craig

    It looks like you had a great experience and I am very glad for you and Toni. Ken

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