Learn how to trade like a professional

Learn how to think, trade and handle your capital like a professional trader

Now available in a 20-session mentoring program for experienced traders for $4,995!

I wish I met you two years ago!”

The Professional Trader Mentoring Program is a comprehensive 48-session one-on-one mentoring program or 20 session mentoring program designed to move your trading dramatically forward. You will learn from a 42-year professional trader who has been called,

America’s preeminent futures trading mentor

The Professional Trader Mentoring Program starts with 16 one-hour one-on-one Foundation Meetings over the Internet with Jeff. These exciting video meetings are recorded so you can review what has been covered as often as you want.

Foundation Meetings: In 16 one-hour Foundation Meetings over the Internet using Webex, I teach the trader how to think, trade and handle his capital like a professional trader. First, I make an assessment of a trader’s experience and his challenges. Next, we go through a syllabus of presentations designed to teach the trader exactly what he needs to do to become a successful professional trader. Together, the trader and I develop a detailed written trading plan that clearly identifies set-ups, sizing, risk and loss limits, as well as strategies to exploit winning trades and maximize winning days. The Foundation Meetings are recorded and the trader can confidentially review the meetings and the concepts presented as many times as he likes, whenever he wants.

As one trader recently said, “I can’t tell you enough how much these recorded sessions help me when I go back and watch

Four-day-a-week meetings for two weeks:After our 16 one-hour Foundation Meetings, we will speak for one hour each day, Monday through Thursday, for the next two weeks. During each day’s meeting, we will go over a chart marked with the trades the trader took, establish strategies for improvement, and make an outline for the next day. Our goal during these two intensive weeks is for the trader to become competent and confident in executing our mutually-developed Trading Plan. In many of these sessions, we will trade together during the live market session with you placing the trades and me coaching you live, one-on-one.

Twice weekly meetings for 8 weeks:After the four week, four-day-a-week one hour sessions, we will have established our plan and set our goals. For the next 8 weeks, the trader and I will meet twice a week to move his trading forward: hone his understanding of the market; establish and monitor his discipline; and oversee his implementation of the Trading Plan.

Once a week meetings for 8 weeks:In this final phase of the Mentoring Program, the trader and I will work on the finer points of trade management – exploiting a runner and, importantly, adding to a winner. Lastly, we will make plans for the trader’s long-term growth. After the completion of the program, outlined above, I remain available for ongoing coaching and consultation on an hourly basis.

Whatever Jeff says he will do for you, he will do that and more.” Kevin, Chicago

My background I have spent my entire adult life in the futures trading business. Coaching professional traders is the exciting and rewarding culmination of my career in futures trading. I do not know of anyone with my extensive, long-term successful background in futures trading who coaches traders. Nor do I know anyone who has my track record of success with futures traders.

What I look for in new mentoring traders For new mentoring program traders, I look for traders:

  • who have a good chance of reaching meaningful, consistent success in futures trading;
  • who I will likely be able to help reach their trading goals; and
  • who will be enjoyable and stimulating for me.

Cost of the program The Professional Trader Mentoring Program can be purchased as the full 48 session program or as a 20 session mentoring program for experienced traders.  The cost of the full 48-session Professional Trader Mentoring Program is $9,700, if paid in advance. If more convenient, payment may be spread over three monthly installments of $3,497. The 20 session mentoring program is available as a stand-alone program of 20 one-hour sessions for one payment of $4,995.  After the initial 48 sessions, I am available as a mentor on an hourly basis with the trader buying blocks of 5 hours for $1,500. Mentoring charges are payable in advance and may be paid by check, bank wire or by Visa, MasterCard or Discover through PayPal, below.

Is Jeff’s Mentoring worth the price? I think the price is too low.” Gregor Cotman, Slovenia

Click on the PayPal button below to purchase the 20-Session Professional Trader Mentoring Program for one payment of $4,995.

Click on the PayPal button below to subscribe to three payments of $3,497 to purchase the 48-Session Full-Sized Professional Trader Mentoring Program.

If you should have any questions not answered above, click here to see Ten Questions: Everything you wanted to know about Jeff’s mentoring.
In summary I help traders to be their best by implementing rational trading strategies within a risk framework that attempts to quantify and limit losses and exploit opportunities. I love coaching traders and I am pleased to have dozens of traders from around the world who started as Professional Trader Mentoring Traders and have become competent, confident professional traders, and my friends.

E-mail me or call me at +1-312-685-5333.

Let’s talk about taking your trading to the next level.

Jeff Quinto
Trader/ Mentor/Owner
Electronic Futures Trader 
Jeff@JeffQuinto.com +1-312-685-5333 Derivative transactions, including futures, are complex and carry a high degree of risk. They are intended for sophisticated investors and are not suitable for everyone.

As a veteran trader I was skeptical that someone else could do this for me – but he did! … Is his mentorship worth the money? Well, I have been profitable every single month, except one, since, so I’d say it was a darn good investment!” Simon Townshend, England.

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About the author

Jeff Quinto has been called "America's Preeminent Futures Trading Mentor". Jeff is a 40-year veteran futures trader, former CME member and a world-class trading coach. He has coached hundreds of futures traders, including traders from Hong Kong, France, China, England, Australia, the US and Canada.

Jeff strongly believes that professional traders are world-class competitors, comparable to professional golfers, top tennis players, and Olympic athletes. None of these competitors could have achieved their top-ranked status without first having a world-class coach.

Jeff is that world-class coach for futures traders.

I am the first to be surprised by this outcome: I am doing something I could only dream of just five months ago. Andrea Cullati, Milan, Italy

"Your mentoring is the best antidote for unsuccessful trading and I plan to succeed so best take full advantage. Never had that kind of support from those other so-called trainers." AB

I just completed Jeff's program and without a doubt, Jeff has set me on the path to success. What he taught me in three months would have taken me years to learn. Mark, CPA CFA

“Jeff, your enthusiasm is contagious. I have never had more fun trading until now. Mentoring with you was a fantastic experience” Gregor Cotman, Slovenia

“Jeff, you are the perfect trading coach with your years of trading experience, your years of coaching traders, and your years of being a great person to talk with.” Rob Wilkes

“His style is completely professional, so the critiques of my trading development are completely objective and I believe that’s why I’m evolving as a successful trader.” Rob Rogers, Chicago

“Jeff, as a mentor I’ve found you to be outstanding. You believe in people and strive to create successful traders… Thanks for your mentorship” Robert Eggleston

"Thank you for a truly valuable program" Barry N. Crockett
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