Attack of the Killer Bees!

I was mowing the grass on my side yard, last Friday when I felt a sting on my right ankle. I looked down to see a bee with bright yellow stripes stinging me through my sock.

I stopped the mower and slapped the bee away.  Then, I felt a sting on my right calf, then another sting on my left ankle, then another and another and another…

Attack of the Killer Bees!I was being attacked by bees!

My immediate thought was of the killer bees from the TV movie of the same name.

Seeing no point in standing there frantically swatting one bee and then another, I ran around the house to the back door yelling at the top of my lungs that I was being chased by bees so my wife could ready whatever remedy she had for bee attacks.

One of my neighbor’s grandchildren saw the whole thing and has locked himself in his room where he will probably stay until they take him to therapy, next week.

I have always prided myself in mowing my own lawn.

I know that from a purely economic standpoint, anyone making over $45,000 a year would be better served by having someone else mow their lawn.

However, for me, it is not about the efficient use of my time or my money

It is about exercise.

Mowing my lawn walking behind my self-propelled lawnmower is good forced exercise, every week.

WilliamsBayVacation.comI even mow the half acre lawn at the holiday rental house I co-own in the next town, Williams Bay.

I have exercised consistently since my early days on the trading floor when I found that running before the trading day made me a calmer and more effective trader.  Even today, starting the day with exercise helps me increase my focus and sharpen my thinking.

I encourage traders in my Electronic Trader Mentoring Program to have a regular, daily exercise routine.  It is not important whether a trader walks or runs, lifts weights or plays tennis.  It is only important that he or she does it consistently.

After all, as an electronic trader, you are competing against the greatest traders in the world.  These greatest traders will be physically fit and they will be mentally sharp.  You need to be, as well, if you want to succeed.

As to my wife’s remedy for killer bee attacks, she gave me two Benadryl tablets and, then, we drove to the store for an ice cream cone.

Wishing you success in your trading,


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